Thursday, 7 July 2011


Hi all, hope you are enjoying the captions, if anyone has any requests let me know and I will do my best to caption an image for you, if you have an idea, or an image you would like captioned, the more the merrier, because while I do have my own ideas, I would also like to hear other peoples as I am all about pleasing others hehe, so let me know ;-p xxx


  1. Hi Kelly, could you caption an image involving a "girl" being restrained in bondage for bukkake purposes? I know it's a bit dirty. And can I privately message you the name for the guy-turned-girl somehow? I'm not sure that it matters if it'll be posted anyway :P I just think it'd be fun to have a caption that seems to know a part of my first name.

  2. Id love for more fat girl pics! Everyone youve ever done is perfect!

  3. Yes both ideas are good, and you can message me any details you like, they will most likely be put up on Sunday :-) xx